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Oak City Move 15: Abbreviated

No interviews this week, but a quick run-through of some local events worth your time.

Oak City Move 14: Polarity Showcase

Sarah and Jenaye sit down with the organizers of the Polarity Showcase. The showcase will explore the dichotomy between the synthetic and organic, and will be open Jul...

Oak City Move 13: Pride Edition

Sarah, Jenaye, and Cassie bring you a Pride-themed special this week, including an interview with Babette from the Queer Youth Circus.

Oak City Move 12: ACLU Benefit

Sara and Jenaye discuss some upcoming events, including Quinton’s Fun Record’s ALCU benefit.

Oak City Move 11: Mental Health

The Oak City Crew devote the entire episode to discussing the ins and outs of mental health.

Oak City Move 10: ZenSoFly

NC house heroine ZENSOFLY graces the studio to tell us about her latest creative endeavors, including an EP out this September.

Oak City Move 9: Southeast Raleigh Promise

Sara and Kaanchee sit down with Dalia from Southeast Raleigh Promise and discuss what they’ve learned throughout the school year.

Oak City Move 8: Young Bull + Vacay

In this episode of Oak City Move, Phian talked to the men behind Young Bull from Durham NC. They discussed their musical inspiration and told some funny stories. Later...

Oak City Move 7: Art on the Move + Mighty Neighborly

Phian is rolling solo this week, but has two great organizations in the studio.

Oak City Move 6: Camp Carefree

This episode of Oak City Move features Jacob from Camp Carefree, and Taylor, founder of the Kvetch and Collaborate monthly meetup group.

Oak City Move 5: The Nile Project

In this episode of Oak City Move, we talk with James Isabirye and Nicholas Ssempijja of The Nile Project. The Nile Project will be in residence at NC State LIVE from M...

Oak City Move 4: NC Music Love Army

This week’s Oak City Move episode featured Jon Lindsay of the NC Music Love Army, who came in to discuss his new project, Calling 100 Counties. Calling 100 Counties wi...

Oak City Move 3: Geecheebond + Gudiya

This Friday, Oak City Move spoke with Geecheebond Co-Organizer, Jazsalyn McNeil. They discussed background behind the upcoming event, as well as the significance of th...

Oak City Move 2: NC State Sustainability

For this episode, Phian sat down with Sam Shain from the board of the NC State Sustainability Fund and remembered Our Three Winners, who were the Movers and Shakers of...

Oak City Move 1: Conexiones + Cypher

Introducing a new podcast from WKNC highlighting people doing positive things in Raleigh. In this episode, Phian talked to Carolina Conexiones and NC State’s Cypher, a...

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