A radio series on WKNC 88.1 FM exploring the movers and shakers of N.C., and the steps they take to enact positive change in the community.

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Oak City Move 15: Abbreviated

No interviews this week, but a quick run-through of some local events worth your time.

Oak City Move 14: Polarity Showcase

Sarah and Jenaye sit down with the organizers of the Polarity Showcase. The showcase will explore the dichotomy between the synthetic and organic, and will be open Jul...

Oak City Move 13: Pride Edition

Sarah, Jenaye, and Cassie bring you a Pride-themed special this week, including an interview with Babette from the Queer Youth Circus.

Oak City Move 12: ACLU Benefit

Sara and Jenaye discuss some upcoming events, including Quinton’s Fun Record’s ALCU benefit.

Oak City Move 11: Mental Health

The Oak City Crew devote the entire episode to discussing the ins and outs of mental health.

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